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20 Dec

This morning I was walking in our neighborhood with my son looking for muddy puddles. When it rains, instead of being sad about not going outside, we squeal with delight to think of all the puddles we can jump. As we prepare to cross the road, I exaggerate. “Look left, look right!” In our quiet cul-de-sac, a collision may be highly unlikely, but still, he’s almost 3 and outruns me daily so I have to over-emphasize our looks for the sake of safety.What does looking left and looking right before we cross have to do with Medicare?

Wherever we look to avoid the collision of beautiful boomers and time… we all agree. We have to exaggerate and emphasize looking to the left and looking to the right to hear and see what concerns are shared. It is remarkable to have this unity and consensus.(Medi)Care should be better and (medi)care should be more comprehensive.Your voice matters for Medicare. Your dollars are going somewhere. Share Your Concerns

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