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23 Mar

In a MAMA BEAR nutshell a beneficiary as it relates to Medicare is someone who has it. The more technical, specific definition is since 1972 anyone receiving Social Security retirement benefits, or Social Security disability for 24 consecutive months or someone who enrolls in Medicare only prior to drawing social security. Phew! I used to think that to b a beneficiary that meant someone had to die... 

Medicare just gets better with every little necessity, doesn't it... you don't have to die to be a Medicare Beneficiary. You don't even have to retire or draw any kind of retirement benefit. You are eligible on the first day of the month that you turn 65 as long as you or a spouse who is at least 62 has enough quarters. You can even become a beneficiary if you don't qualify by quarter by just paying big bucks for the benefit and it would be beneficial... hey there dad jokes... beneficial, get it? to be a beneficiary. You know my material is limited, limitless to a degree and supremely understudied and underdiscovered but vast nonetheless. I hope you enjoy these little mysteries getting solved weekly. I love hearing from you! What definitions would you like to see? I'm here every Wednesday at 9:12 AM, y'all. 

One last fun fact about BENEFICIARIES... 

62.6 MILLION OF Y'ALL ARE MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES already.  Wouldn't that be a massive masked group bear hug of a lifetime? I know I'm in, but y'all know me. SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME  I love hearing from you.

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