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23 Feb

Welcome back beautiful soul!! Can you believe it's been 10 bear necessities already. I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am enjoying sharing my 10 years of Medicare Magic with you! 

D stands for drugs, y’all and D stands for DATE… you want to date your drug plan… don’t marry them. All part D drug plans have the same “skeleton”  or "build" they work the same way and they are contracted yearly. What actually makes them so special is called a FORMULARY. The formulary is what makes each plan the prescription-covering snowflake that it is. The formulary defines medicines covered, assigns tiers, pharmacies, copays, deductibles, and premiums. 

Becoming eligible for Medicare gives you the right for the first time in your life to choose your own prescription drug coverage based on what you’re actually taking, where you live and the pharmacy that you prefer. Y’all know I like to say how much I love math because math never lies. These formularies are in the government database and gives you the right to choose the coverage that suit your needs best at the time. You can review this every year and change based on your needs. Isn’t that awesome? If math or formulary treasure hunts are not your thing… schedule a call with mama bear. You know how I love math and spread sheets and especially how I love being a safe Medicare mama bear who takes care of you. www.mamabearmedicare.com www.calendly.com/mamabearmedicare

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