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30 Mar

I still believe in true love. I still believe in fact in love at first sight and I believe in "the marrying kind" being able to do 2 things very well. Before you get mad at me, think about this... if a friend asks me if she should marry a fella, the 2 minimum requirements are: "Will he pay?" In other words pay his own bills and provide opposed to "mooching" off of you. Number 2: "Will he stay?" Kindly stated, will he be loyal and consistent as opposed to unfaithful or unpredictable. 

Even though very recently a young couple (63 and 67) attended my Medicare, Social Security, and You class on a date.... and they say romance is dead; this is not the type of marriage that I am assigning to a federal legal Medicare right. When I say you can "Marry" your medigap or Medicare Supplement what I am referring to is your right to purchase GUARANTEED RENEWABLE coverage. Guaranteed, paying, staying, coverage that can never drop you or change your coverage from the day you begin until Heaven. 

So can you really "marry" a plan? Wait a minute... marry a plan? What in the magnificent Medicare Mayhem do I mean? Glad you're asking, because all too many beneficiaries surrender their rights to guaranteed renewable coverage simply because they are not aware of these rights. When we become eligible for Medicare, for the first time in our adult American lives we become eligible for GUARANTEED RENEWABLE COVERAGE. We have never had this right before. We will likely never have it again in the same way. Guaranteed renewable coverage does in fact mean in mama-bear-medicare terms,  you can marry a plan. It means that from the day your coverage starts until Heaven you have contractually guaranteed coverage that is never allowed to drop you or change your coverage. You've never had that right. It is so important, VITAL even to note that we are not only able to choose the exact coverage we want, we can choose to have coverage that will work like marriage... either marriage in a perfect world where neither party ever wants to leave... or in a world where you at the very least (most actually) can never be left. When we are statistically most likely to need coverage that is forever and as comprehensive as we prefer without being able to be turned down, we can do exactly that. In retirement we face many unknowns. We can also face a few CONTRACTUALLY GUARANTEED knowns. 

That is a proposal, I would very likely accept. 





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