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12 Jan

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Today I am defining a mystery for all of us so that you don't even have to ask. What is Medicaid? Before I started this career I thought Medicare and Medicaid were the same exact thing and I honestly did not know what either of them actually did. About a decade in and I think I've got it down. Here's a helpful hint to remember... Medi-CARE is health CARE for those who are 65 years young or may have been disabled for 24 consecutive months or had a specific diagnosis that afforded them federal health insurance called medi-CARE. Medic-AID is financial AID for those with income below the national poverty line to help. So I divide them in 2 categories... 1. CARE and 2. AID. MediCARE is health CARE. MedicAID is financial AID. IF you would like help determining if you qualify for either or both of these, Schedule a Free Call With Mama Bear.  

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