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16 Mar

This is one assignment you do not want to miss! It is pass or fail, but you will pass... I have a very good feeling about it. Why???? 

Medicare assignment is the dollar amount that Medicare approves for a service. If you have original Medicare, you will actually love this assignment and pass every time because it is an open book test. Open book in that the transparency of Original Medicare shines by having public information readily available. You can check any facility that you may need to use to confirm if they accept assignment. You can check what the assignment is and you can even buy a medigap aka medicare supplement that will pay whatever part of the assignment Medicare does not pay if you have ORIGINAL MEDICARE. What should you do if they don't accept Medicare Assignment??? Don't panic! It only means they can charge 15% over what Medicare does approve in the form of excess fees.... mmmmmm that should be an episode soon :) If they charge excess fees either you or your medigap aka medicare supplement just pays a little more. Tadaaaaaa!!! Another Bear Necessity for your Medicare Mountain to get a little smaller with every little world. I'd love to help you if you have more questions or if you want a step by step tutorial of how to access this brilliant public information. 341-226-MAMA (6262) SCHEDULE A CALL

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