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26 Feb

If you already have one or if you are considering buying an advantage plan, consider the 5 DIS advantages to “advantage” plans. 

Medicare advantage plans sound awesome and can be a good fit, but before you buy what may sound too good to be true…. Consider these 5 disadvantages clients have shared with me about their experience with part C. 

Number 5. When you buy an advantage plan you surrender your right to being able to buy a medigap or Medicare supplement while you have it, which means you will have out of pocket exposure that is unpredictable and not guaranteed renewable. -

Number 4. Most mapd includes prescription drug coverage which sounds good on TV when they say “hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage for zero dollars and you get a free gym membership,” the disadvantage to some is that you don’t get to pick your own prescription coverage like you do with original Medicare. 

Number 3. Medicare advantage plans can require prior authorization that may mean major delay in care. 

Number 2. Most Medicare advantage plan are HMO or modified regional PPO plans which means restricted network coverage. 

Number 1. Part C aka Medicare Advantage is actually not part of original Medicare. One disadvantage is that Original Medicare does not pay any of your claims. 

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