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19 Jan

Today's word is super fun. When I hear it I want to say "name it and claim it" because I love a good rhyme. A claim is a request for payment. Oh boy this can get super interesting when different claims need to be filed. You can have preventive claims, diagnostic claims DME claims, just to name a few. Medicare even has a manual just for processing claims. RELAX! It is highly unlikely that you will have to process your claims for yourself, most of the time the ones providing the care take care of that. If you have Original Medicare, most of the time, all the provider has to do is file a claim with Medicare and they will seamlessly file the claim with your medigap aka medicare supplement for you. tadaaaaaaaaaa.... Isn't Medicare easy this way?  

One of my favorite claims experiences ever with Medicare happened in a small town in Alabama. A client texted me a picture of a bill. TEXTED ME A PICTURE OF A BILL... I had to emphasize because I can't think of any other simpler solution than to have an agent who could make your life this easy :) She texted me a bill that should have been paid by her medigap, even though it was denied by original medicare because of the contractually guaranteed coverage she bought. I totally dazzled myself with modern technology by sending that little picture in a secure fax from my cell phone to file the claim for her. It was paid in full. That was real life, y'all... not just a dream. Insurance can be amazing especially when you have original medicare and an agent who is an educator. If you want to talk about your coverage Schedule a Call with Mama Bear.  

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