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09 Feb

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Oh my golly gumdrops when I tell y'all this story, you might melt. When my son turned 3 I asked him the night before his birthday... the very last day of his life as a 2 year old what his favorite part of life was so far. He thought about it (not for very long) and exclaimed, "DONUTS" Of course I indulged his favorite the next day with a birthday breakfast of champions and dozens of donuts for his class. 

When I think of the donut hole it used to be super scary because it just seemed like a mystery. What counts towards it? Why does it exist? Why are drugs so expensive any way? I thought this was supposed to make Medicare BETTER...

I am super visual when I teach and when I learn, so I made this little cheat sheet that helps me keep it together. I also have some super fun lessons I've learned in avoiding this gap like the plague that it can be and planning for years of predictable expenses with my clients. Like a good mama bear should, I like to plan rather than panic. 

If I did the download part of this post right, you can have your very own free mamabear poster, y'all. Just click and print. 

I hope you enjoy, and please remember this is a free service not a legal document and I'm human so please forgive me if you catch a typo. If you want to talk, let's do it! I'd love to meet you- SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME.

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