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05 Oct

It feels like that because to a degree... you are being hunted. Agents are hunting your business, your information, your time, your attention, your money, your trust, your gullibility... 

You don't have to be afraid of making a mistake. You don't have to be afraid of missing out. You can and will survive this open season. We hope you find these 3 tips useful. 

1. Don't let your neighbor cut your hair. Unless you live by me... or someone like me, your neighbor is not going to take the time to evaluate your circumstance and preference to help you make a health care decision. You have access to a treasure hunt of public information and your coverage is a treasure worth the effort to do it right. 

2. Don't buy the baloney. Yes, I intentionally spelled it wrong because it is all wrong. It's wrong for commercials to lure innocent consumers into calling a number in hopes of empty promises. PSA: No one is going to pay you to have the privilege of paying your medical expenses. Private health insurance companies are indeed FOR PROFIT. When you see one of those commercials promising to give you money or free insurance or some kind of zip code lottery... take a deep breath before you call and remember that it is very likely the number will go to an organization that will sell YOU with your permission that you grant by making the call. Your phone number and personal information will be sold and resold... You'll be labeled a "hot lead" and called multiple times by multiple sales people to get you to change whatever you have over to whatever they have. 

3. Know your rights. You have the right to privacy. You have the right to contractually guaranteed, renewable coverage that holds hands with NOT-FOR-PROFIT Original Medicare that you have worked about 20,000 hours over time to purchase. You have the right to public information and universal coverage that is the same for everyone who has it. You have the right to public information without solicitation. 

I heard a silicon valley gazillionaire say on a documentary, "If something is free, then YOU are the product. You are what's for sale." When you surrender your right to original Medicare, when you call one of those numbers to see if you qualify, you are the product. 

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