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14 Mar

When you become eligible for Medicare, most of the time you become eligible for better health coverage than you’ve ever had, usually at a lower cost than you’ve ever had to pay.  You also have 3 amazing rights you’ve never had and may never have again.  

1. You have the right to choose your own prescription drug coverage. You’ve never had this right. Every other type of prescription coverage you have ever had was at someone else’s discretion. Someone else told you where to go to the pharmacy and how much you would have to pay.  When you are eligible for original Medicare, You are the one who gets to choose. You have the right to customize your own coverage based on what you’re actually taking and where you actually want to go to the pharmacy.  

2. You have the right to choose as much or as little coverage as you want. You have guaranteed insurability so awesome that it is called a golden ticket. Your golden ticket means, no one can turn you down based on your health past. present, or potential future, no matter what coverage you choose.  

3. You can for the first time in your life, marry your plan. What do I mean by that? You have the right to buy guaranteed renewable coverage. You have never had this right before. You can buy coverage, actually own a policy that contractually guarantees your coverage. That means, they can never drop you or change your coverage.  

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