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19 Feb

Now that your Medicare coverage for the year has started, are you uncertain that you made a good choice? Let’s talk about 3 red flags that may make you want to reconsider. 

1. Your agent or your neighbor said, “they’re all the same, get the cheapest one.” They are not all the same, you have lots of options, and CMS releases a guide to choose health insurance every year.

2. You didn’t get this guide.It is your right to receive this guide before making a decision about your coverage. 

3. Your agent or your neighbor said, “you can change every year” even if you can make some changes during enrollment and disenrollment periods. You only have one window of guaranteed insurability when no one can base coverage in health. 

If you or your neighbor has encountered any of these flags, SCHEDULE A CALL We can schedule a side by side comparison of what you have and what you may be eligible to have. You worked your whole life for this. You deserve to protect your retirement. 

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