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06 Apr

There should be a giant file or rolodex of "things you don't have to be scared to ask." I have met with countless beautiful souls over the past decade and one common emotion I encounter almost every single time is fear. One of my goals in life as a CEO and Mama Bear is to take the fear out of Medicare for y'all. Bear Necessity number 14... 

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION literally just means a sickness that someone already has before coverage begins. This can be a scary topic if you don't understand your rights. THREE separate non bias government educational resources say the BEST time to buy a Medigap and to begin Medicare is when you are first eligible. I don't know all the reasons, but I have encountered a few. Your 65th birthday is a marker for what is known in our industry as a "golden ticket" because no one can deny you coverage of any kind. This means no matter your health past, present, or potential future YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to choose coverage freely and even to keep it like we talked about last week in the Medicare Love Story.  But what about the pre-existing conditions?? If you begin coverage when you are first eligible, while you cannot be denied... your pre-existing conditions are not going to hurt your coverage. You can buy day-one, dollar-one guaranteed renewable coverage come what may no matter what. Directly from CMS 

"It is possible to avoid or shorten your waiting period for pre-existing conditions if: You buy a medigap policy during your 6-Month Medigap Open Enrollment Period... If you buy a Medigap policy when you have a guaranteed issue right, the insurance company can't use a pre-existing condition waiting period." 

Tadaaaaaa!!! I have had the honor of helping beneficiaries enroll in completely comprehensive coverage while they were already going through expensive cancer treatments without being denied and without waiting for every bit of treatment to be covered. I have walked through diagnosis, treatment and recovery with beautiful souls I have helped get the coverage they deserve. However, I have also experienced the opposite. I have had to give a heavy  "no" when someone did not qualify for guaranteed issue rights and I have seen financial devastation come from medical expenses that could have been avoided. I have an old friend I mentored in Medicare education. He used to say, "don't squander your ticket." I'm with him... if you can avoid getting turned down or having to wait for treatment, just go for it. 

None of us know what the future holds, but we know what is available today and some of what is available is contractually guaranteed pre-existing conditions and all.

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